Consignment shopping is not only hip, but it is also earth friendly. Where else can you have loads of fun shopping for treasures, and also be environmentally friendly?

Our mission is to provide quality pre-owned garments and accessories at a third of the retail price, as well as provide a venue to re-coop a few bucks from those extravagant impulse buys at jacked-up prices.

Why buy the LAST one on the rack when
you can buy the ONLY one on the rack?
Act II Boutique inside the store 1

We Moved!

405 E. Branch Street
in the Village Arroyo Grande

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Act II Boutique inside the store 2
Do a GREEN thing today
and shop at Act II Boutique.
It's good for the planet!

You can feel confident when you leave our store that you have paid a fair price for your merchandise. The only thing you might have is buyer's regret if you pass on a treasure only to find it gone the next day.